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Data Grid (DG) is an independent commercial research firm that aims at enhancing economic, political and social atmosphere in Somalia by providing cutting-edge data that is reliable, accurate and accessible. Through our corporate research we appraise and analyze our clients on;

  • Feasibility studies
    • Consumer trends and analysis
    • Brand loyalty
    • Product launch
    • Price studies
    • Competitive analysis

Our key emphasis is on strategic research. We achieve this by doing analyses in various areas ranging from political research, product launch and pricing to consumer trends and analysis. We also assist clients to identify and attain access to more expert sources of corporate statistics.

Data Grid corporate research is not a cryptic activity. We conduct open research studies that help our clients to spread their business by providing them with appropriate information.

Today Data Grid is a reputable independent commercial research firm dedicated to providing its customers with custom-built solutions and accelerated execution. Through its unique proficiency in primary-source investigation, Data Grid specializes in articulating growth stratagem supported by market, client and competitor research and acquisition search.

Data Grid staff comprise experienced industry executives, management consultants and financial analysts who constantly monitor clients’ peripheral environments to aid in building and maintaining the most efficient market and competitive positioning. Data Grid clients get a competitive advantage through which they make advantageously informed decisions.