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The Longitudinal Research team at Data Grid is an internal group of specialists which works across all business and policy areas consulting and working on research areas with repeated observation of similar variables over an extensive period of time. Reports and trends on customer trend and satisfaction, crises management, political research and health research vary and differ over time. Our research team follows these changes with an intensive investigation.

Longitudinal research at Data Grid applies theory from social science in research design, data collection and analysis and in recommending and formulating interventions to be employed by our clients.

Given that the social scientific model of enquiry is not ‘what works?’ but rather ‘what works for whom and under what conditions?’ at Data Grid, we ascertain that it is imperative to first comprehend the current strategies being instigated in depth and in context before trying to arbitrate to change.

In formulating research from a social perspective we acknowledge the limitations of any single research approach in comprehending issues that impact human life. With this in mind, Longitudinal research at Data Grid tends, where probable, to combine an appropriate combination of research methods including:

Additional traditional quantitative and qualitative methods:

  • Surveys
  • In-Depth interviewing
  • Focus group discussions
  • Structured observation
  • Video ethnography

To more modern additional digital methods like;

  • Mobile apps
  • Social media analysis