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Data Grid specializes in surveys on the publics’ opinion on a wide spectrum of socio-cultural, political and economic issues in Somalia. We offer clients a comprehensive assortment of solutions, all designed to meet their changing research needs using an on-ground, proficient data collection field force to deliver a credible range of surveys varying from quick strategic/purposive operations to large-sample studies that offer actionable discernments to our clients.

We work transversely to a far-reaching range of regions within Somalia and can execute to thematic or geographic customization that the client considers vital. The Opinion Survey is focused on answering our clients’ probe questions and providing acumen to help them to better understand;

  • Popularity
  • Issue based polls
  • Diary polls
  • Policy related polls

Data Grid obtains its survey data from an effective, often large, sample of the population. In this, we are able to examine issues at the state and community level. The Opinion Survey incorporates topical queries grounded back in time and which are relevant today. It is conducted annually and incorporates core trending queries. This consistency has enabled Data Grid to explore changes in trend of data and public opinion on different issues.

The Data Grid Opinion Poll research team conducts rigorous studies, a factor that has attracted interests from various walks of life across the globe. Ethics play a critical role in any study and Data Grid’s survey methodology’s main advantage is its cultural awareness over and above technical soundness.

We guarantee imperial and quality research.