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The Data Grid Political Research team employs a rigorous scientific approach in conducting political research. The team purposes to add on to the general storehouse of political knowledge as well as trying to examine the different trends in the field of politics.  A major area of concern for the Data Grid Political Research team is usually trying to assess the political performances of the different parties and players by investigating the strategies employed by the parties in respect to their popularity among the masses and the alliances formed over the years. Here are some key branches in our Political Research function:

  • Political Performance A comparative assessment of a party’s growth including an opinion poll.
  • Party Support Base – Politically, a party’s support base plays a vital role in the votes it gets during major contests. Data Grid will examine the support base of different parties.
  • Ideology Test – Data Grid acknowledges the different political ideologies held by its clients. We strive to provide credible research findings by conducting an objective research on liberal, conservative, democratic and even libertarian ideologies. We purpose to meet our clients’ needs by providing them with information they can rely on for effective decision making.
  • Party Manifesto – A political party’s manifesto is its covenant with the populace. It is therefore critical that the manifesto speaks to the wishes and aspirations of the people. Data Grid will use scientific methods to test proposals by political parties to help them ensure popular alignment.
  • Political Popularity – The Data Grid political research team has extended its efforts to examining the popularity of political parties in different ways. Through the analysis of social media and mobile applications, our researchers are able to interact with the public and obtain firsthand information on the public view of the party.
  • Alliances Formations – Normally conducted through intense secondary research. Historical and library documentation provides the research team with valuable information on the political parties’ background. The information is then examined and compared to the performance of the party before a report is written.
  • National and Regional Voting Patterns – As an independent commercial research firm, our research is geographically scalable to meet client goals. Our researchers conduct studies on the voting trends and draw important inferences.
  • Political Campaigns – Trends in conducting campaigns have differed over the years. This fact forms a basis for intense analysis of campaign programs. Success in conducting a political campaign is essential for every political party. At Data Grid, we guarantee a successful formulation of campaign strategies. The team goes out of its way to analyze the factors that may morph into threats to campaigns and designs workable strategies that contribute to the attainment of the stated goal.