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Data Grid Somalia has conducted a survey in Mogadishu, Somalia with the aim of knowing the consumption of information from broadcast media by Mogadishu residents. The study was conducted in Mogadishu covering its seventeen districts (A/ Casiis, Boondhere, Dayniile, Dharkeynley, Hodon, Heliwa, H/ Wadaag, Kaaran, Kaxda, Shaangani, Shibis, Waberi, Wadajir, Warta-Nabadda, X/Jabjab, X/Weyne and Yaaqshid).

The main purpose of this study was to generate data and information on broadcast media consumption and key issues pertinent to the uptake of different forms of broadcast media channels. The report of this survey presents the opinions of the people on core issues around broadcast media consumption such as access to information, channel preference, audience demographics, ownership of TV and Radio devices and broadcast programs preference. This information will be vital to all media content users such as advertisers; the government; politicians; humanitarian agencies; local and foreign investors among others.

Download: English and Somali